Locations in Germany


Germany offers a wide range of possibilities for any kind of production. It’s breathtaking nature truly has everything: From oceans in the north with extreme tides that expose the wadden sea, over various landscapes such deep lakes, wide forests, stunning ores and heaths to the colossal alps in the south. Metropolises such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich each offer their own little worlds and quarters: Hip, urban, maritime or traditional.

Being located in the middle of Europe it developed a rich culture with traditions, events and well known and loved local cuisines. Germany’s extensive history resulted in a wide range of sights such as landmarks, architecture and museums.

Known for it’s ingenuity, luxurious cars and technology it is home to big corporations and facilities, race tracks and the famous German Autobahn.


Germans value a very high quality, so crew members are highly educated (licensed) and skilled. For both small and large shoots all over Germany we provide:

  • Producers, Production Managers and Fixers
  • Assistants and Drivers
  • Sound Operators and Gaffers
  • DoPs
  • Costume/Stylists and Make Up Artists
  • Set Designers 
  • Locations Scouts and Location Managers
  • Talents and Casting

Depending on the scale of the production we are happy to provide staff who are trained to do several of the mentioned tasks, so they can cover more than one position on a project where the production allows.


Due to these perks, filming in Germany is quite common. The need for a permit varies depending on the size and type of a production. The responsibility for issuing a permit lies with the respective commune. 

Having native German speakers on the team, we can help out with applications and all necessary paperworks, should this be needed. If you are uncertain of whether you need a filming permit or not, just drop us an email with info about your shoot and we’ll sort things out. 

To get an idea of what locations in Germany can look like, have a look here.


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