Sound Operators in Germany

We know that audio production can make or break a production. At Swixer we can provide reliable sound recordists, operators, and audio techs for all types of productions in Germany. Whether you need sound production on location, in the studio, or sound mixers for live events and post-production mixing, we offer customized solutions to meet your needs. With Swixer, you can be confident that your production will receive top-quality and reliable sound production in Germany.

Audio solutions:
Interviews – indoor / outdoor
Live action scripted and non-scripted
Voice over
Studio production sound mixing
Live / remote audio connections
Live events
Post production / mixing

We pride ourselves in offering full video production as well as specialized production support and believe that every project requires a unique set of services, tools and people. We work with a solution-oriented mindset so that each project gets the best possible support to reach its full potential. Over the years we’ve built up our network and handpicked the best crew that Germany has to offer. We work with all sizes of productions and are able to help out no matter how big or small your production is.


If you need more crew members or production services, we're here to help!


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