Swixer’s team includes local producers and production managers with experience from all types of production. They provide support with crew booking, equipment while coordinating communication between all parties, as well as executing creative ideas. Our team comes with valuable local insight and have experience from filming all across Germany including cities such as: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

Our producers and production managers have years of experience managing all kinds of budgets and find creative solutions for working within budget. When budgeting we always look at ways to keep costs down. 

Producers and production managers help with:
Budgeting / cost estimates
Booking and managing crew
Scheduling & call sheets
Translating and cultural nuance
Managing action and schedule on set
Overseeing scouting, locations and permits
Supervising insurance, legal and safety regulations
Creative execution

Producers and production managers work on
TV show
Digital / social content
Corporate video
Commercials / sponsored content
Scenic b-roll: landscape and urban
Feature films
Photo shoots
Live events

At Swixer, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and extensive offerings of production support, recognizing that each project needs a different set of tools, services and people. Your safety and satisfaction are our highest priority when filming in Germany, which is why we’ve handpicked the best crew members we know!


If you need more crew members or production services, we're here to help!


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